Is Living Less Worldly Perhaps Simpler Than We Thought? - Part 2

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SweetSurrender said:

Thanx, Bondman. That was a wonderful message, both of them. But, it seems so simple. I like simple. But, I always fret and forget how simple God made it for us. All we need to do in the end is trust as a child does and that is sometimes hard to do.

Wow Sweets, this is a wonderful post!!! Thankyou!

A. I totaly agree with you about 'simple'!! Why do we have to make it so complicated?? How stupid is THAT! I think this is why children can often get born again a lot easier than adults: they ACCEPT truth readily and they don't try to COMPLICATE it all!!

"Lord, help us to trust you with the simplicity of a child!"

B. You said, "I like simple," - I just LOVE how you said that!! I suppose we're living the same as the folks around us - cos that's how it is, and always has been for us. And so we just don't stop to THINK... All of which has HELPED ME to see much more CLEARLY what the change of ATTITUDE is that I wrote in my blog. I see this pretty simply:

1. We are living in RICHES like all around us - and we've never QUESTIONED that!!

2. To CHANGE this, all we need do to get started is to DECIDE:

"I will not live like the world any more,

but will change my ATTITUDE -

and start today towards living more SIMPLY."

Then start on doing it, of course, and follow through till it's achieved! And in your MIND and SPIRIT never lose sight of the fact that you are doing this SOLELY FOR THE LORD!!!

Thanks so much for what you wrote, hon!!

Continued in Part 3 "Our Personal Journey to Becoming Less Worldly"...

- BM with his Lady

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