Our Personal Journey Towards Becoming Less Worldly! - Part 3

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As I've said elsewhere, we'd both much prefer NOT to be writing this personal material... We are no one special, not doing anything special. I hope some of you are doing BETTER than we are! God's had to work hard with us to get us to where we are. SO HE GETS ALL THE CREDIT!!

Much earlier on I had goals of serious riches, but which God resolutely prevented! The result of this was that we ended up living solely on the income from Government Disability Pensions.

We had not done anything serious about the question of our worldliness and love of the things of the world, even though it was something I was aware of. I was having to slowly move my mind-set (read: 'attitude') from riches (or at least what I considered a 'decent' income and life-style) to MUCH LOWER GOALS!! Yet even on our new low income we still had the SAME ATTITUDE to money and things and all the trappings of a regular Western Christian - just like everyone around us - unbelievers AND Christians alike! How SAD is that....

Slowly though, we started considering our lavish life-style and riches compared to, say,an Indian "Untouchable" Dalit family living in lifetime SLAVERY to higher caste members! Why should WE have all this comfort and ease, and all the things we owned? What we had wasn't all that much perhaps, but compared to people in other countries, well, we were beginning to feel pretty awful about it all.

Persecution of Indian Christians: homes burnt or vandalised, their living lost, their lives so much in danger
they had to simply flee the area with nothing but the clothes they stood up in...

And so started our slow progression towards unworldliness. Here's just some simple examples of our approach and attitude to this now. Beloved's recliner chair that she NEEDS to watch TV when too ill to do anything else had an important spring break under the seat. John who I've mentioned in the IR, kindly came and fixed it up with some fencing wire! It's still holding, so it's okay. Our Car is now 30 yrs old, but gets from Point A to Point B just fine.

Our micro-wave we have to use all the time because of our health died last night. We replaced it today with the cheapest we could find that would work for us. If we could do without it, we'd NOT have replaced it, but made do with the oven and hot-plates. My watch-strap broke. We thought we'd have to spend (read 'waste') another 25 bucks to get a new one, but my clever Lady figured a way to stitch it back together. Still working fine! I believe you can see that this really IS all ATTITUDE just like I've said! THAT'S the change. We have got materialism out of our hearts, minds, and sprits! It's GREAT! Such soul FREEDOM!!

Our TV and DVD were given to us. The TV is partly broken down, but we've worked our way round the problem fairly well, so that's okay for now. Then our carpets are wearing out, but have still a fair few years left in them. So does it bother us that the house doesn't look as GOOD as it did earlier on? It certainly used to, and sometimes still does, but we've slowly got used to living MORE SIMPLY and CHEAPLY and NOT having to have 'the best' (NONE of which was easy of course). So we make do with old furniture. Beloved is very clever at making it 'useable' in various ways, AND in keeping the whole place looking as nice as possible! Our life-style now is that WE SPEND MONEY ONLY IF IT HAS TO BE SPENT. So many times there's a cheaper way round the problem (even if it's a HARDER way!)

We live in a nice house that basically the Lord got for us 14 yrs ago in most unusual circumstances (through our State Government). It's actually a little too small for us, given our ill-health and difficulties of moving around, but we could never have expected to have a home like this! - and the HARDSHIPS of it being just that tad too small for our needs we are able to ACCEPT from the Lord! Hardship and difficulty TEACH US MANY GREAT and INVALUABLE THINGS!

In Part 4 you may read about the money we save with this wonderfully cheap house and the other wonderful things above...

Continued in Part 4 ...

Bless you all!

- BM and his Love

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