Our Personal Journey Towards Becoming Less Worldly! - Part 4

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Okay, on to the most IMPORTANT SECOND RUNG of the ladder in all of this.

QUESTION: what do we do with the money we SAVE by living much more simply? -- Tempted to spend it on ourselves perhaps? Actually NO!! We give it to the Lord, very DIRECTLY! The more we can AVOID spending, the more He gets!


Out of our Pensions, last Christmas we were able to give $1,041 to Dalit "Untouchables" in India (like the two dear little Dalit gals above) AND to Indian Missionary Work there - all via Gospel for Asia (GFA), in our opinion one of the most incredible and astonishing Mission works in the Christian world! Check them out HERE.

So not only are we more and more OBEYING two of the Lord's great COMMANDS to us all: 1) Minister to those in need, and 2) Get the Gospel to all peoples - we're doing this by becoming LESS AND LESS WORLDLY!! Whoo-hooooooo!!! So again, is all of this hard? Well, yes, it's often difficult, no question, and it can and does 'COST'!! - just as the New Testament says that it will and should! But it's ultimately SO satisfying and feels SO good and SO right - and less and less we consider the difficulties when we think of THE COST JESUS PAID that we (purportedly) remember and seriously consider at Eastertime!!!!

In seeking to become unworldly you don't need to do anything the same as us, of course! As you're changing your ATTITUDE, let the LORD by your guide as to what is right for YOU! Oh, and you NEVER lose by any of this. God really is NO MAN'S DEBTOR. I hasten to add that we NEVER ever GIVE so that we can GET (more), like some churches teach (how self-serving and worldly this can be...) But we do keep seeming to have MORE left out of our meagre Pensions to enable us to give more to the Lord. We're now up to $50 a month going to GFA, every red cent of which LITERALLY GETS to the Mission field!! We specify each month what it's to go towards. More on this later.

SUMMARY: Our attitude to all the material things of the consumer society we live in is to do without them all wherever we can!!! This can cost, obviously! - but interestingly it DOES stop us from CONFORMING to the WORLD like most everyone else lives, and we used to also!! - CONTRARY to His commands and wishes! With the money this saves we can give LOVE GIFTS TO THE LORD - to help others! Will we ever go back to before? NO WAY! With every passing month our sights get less and less set on this world, and more and more on the God of all (and being with Him for eternity!)

So finally, this is really, really GREAT for your Spiritual Growth!! (much less 'stuff' to hold it back!) For CHRISTIANS reading this we HIGHLY endorse moving towards a similar ATTITUDE of living - as we live right IN the dreadful and destructive worldliness of our Western World. Bless you as you pray about and consider this!

Continued in Part 5 "I Bought a New Watch!" ...

With ALL our love!!

- BM and his Beloved

Gospel for Asia