I Bought a New Watch! - Part 5

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This is what I hope may be an encouragement Message about how our Attitude may control and even eliminate our worldliness! I apologise for talking about us again, but one of the major aims of this thread IS TO LEARN and GROW, and I believe it will help you do this! I can tell you that we both are: "Praise You, Lord!"

If you read the previous message "Our Personal Journey Towards Becoming Less Worldly - Part 3" you'll know how my watch band broke, but Beloved sewing it back up saved us having to spend $25 for a new one. Well the sewing gave way didn't it, and so she then used another method. But next the plastic holding the band started to break off and so that was the ballgame, wasn't it!...

Okay, we decided to look at better quality to see what was available. Long story short I got an amazing new digital watch just like I need, for a crazy price (nearly half off!) that should easily outlast 3 of the cheaper ones. It seems to be state of the art with a solar cell keeping the watch going! It keeps power up even charging entirely from interior lighting! In fact I read that a full charge lasts for 6 months! It automatically turns off the whole face display of the watch when in the dark for any period of time. Turn a light on and back it all comes like magic!

Enough of that! How do I really FEEL about my new watch? Well because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome my tired eyes need digital so I can see (read) the time. So that's good. For the same reason I need day and date, clear enough to read because I can't remember dates, etc. This watch does it all - everything I need! Yes, I feel really good about that, and of course having a NEW rather fancy watch like this is really great!

So aren't I really being worldly and self-centered here? Wasn't the truth that I really DID want a better watch, same as - like the world around us - we want a better car, better furniture, dearer clothes, etc., etc. No, the decision to go dearer was a practical one: it should last longer without falling to bits and having to throw it away before it should be, no batteries needed, shouldn't cost any more over time, but even save a little.

But the crunch question to SHOW that OUR ATTITUDE is what it's all about is: if for some reason I had to give up the watch TODAY would I have feelings of loss or upset or similar? No, I wouldn't! It's just A THING! Come and take it from me right now, and it wouldn't matter one bit. THAT'S the right attitude (one that GOD has brought us to, i.e., NOT DONE IN OUR STRENGTH ALONE). Furthermore, it's the test you can use for becoming less worldly! Then one further great test to use is this: would I give it away to someone whose NEED for it was greater than mine? Yes, I would!

It may occur to you that without changing ANYTHING as to your actual possessions and life-style, YOU CAN STILL BECOME UNWORLDLY! HOW? - BY CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDE TO YOUR RICHES! Thus it IS POSSIBLE to actually be REALLY RICH, yet still UNWORLDLY (Jesus warned strongly that this is difficult, but it IS possible).

Because I DO understand the difficulties of this SO IMPORTANT MATTER of becoming less worldly, I hope some of this may have helped you a little!

Continued in Part 6 "God's Major Answers for Your Life in Christ... NOW!" ...

- BM with his Lady

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