Wonderful (and Easy!) ANSWERS to What We Must Do!! - Part 7

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AS PROMISED!! (more than once!! *sigh*) Let me start straight off with the OH SO SIMPLE steps that you can do TODAY (if you choose to) that SOLVE 2 of the 3 things (B) and (C) in the previous Message!!! (which includes the highly SERIOUS one), AND will start you off towards solving the remaining one there (A) as well!! SO HOW'S ABOUT THAT for a VERY SATISFYING great poke in the eye to the devil!!! (yep, I admit it, I AM LOVING THIS...)

Alrighty, let's get this show on the road. What we're going to do is so easy... literally give JUST a few dollars to: #1 - Someone REALLY REALLY NEEDY, and #2 - Someone already EVANGELISING those who have NEVER HEARD the Good News! That sure GRABS me! How about you? Open a completely new, 2nd copy of your Browser, then type in this URL: gfa.org (very difficult to remember, that!!) If your browser needs you to, you can simply click this link: Gospel for Asia - GFA, THEN RETURN HERE!

Gospel for Asia is a 26 year old, highly reputed Missionary Organisation with approximately 27,000 (growing rapidly) local, Bible College trained Missionaries and Missionaries-in-training VERY effectively and successfully EVANGELISING their own people!! Briefly, why "LOCAL": a) They KNOW the customs and language b) They're THERE!! c) It costs just $1,500-$2,500 a year to FULLY support a local misho!!! - they live the same way as those they are evangelising. WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS MAMMOTH -they are PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST in the 10/40 Window!!! (and now WE can help them!!!!!)

"The 10/40 Window". Over 90% of the World's Unreached Souls (almost 3 Billion) Live Within This Window!

Up at the top left you can maybe make out the name of teensy Israel - your and my Jesus walked there!! Go RIGHT and there's Iraq where our boys and your boys are serving! Keep going right to Iran which we hope won't become another Arab trouble spot. Next in green is Afghanistan where again our boys and yours are serving. Then next to Afghanistan is Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons that the Taliban is slowly infiltrating, taking over whole cities!! NOT GOOD! And on to INDIA where GFA started, and much AMAZING work for the Lord is being done. Then finally to all the smaller S.E. Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand and so on, where GFA also works!

If God called me to: "Go into the World and preach the Gospel, making Disciples and teaching them," WHERE would I want to go? I think to where the GREATEST NEED IS!! And where is THAT? Where there is the greatest number (densest population) of UNREACHED SOULS - and that's in Northern India!!! And to especially preach to the 300 million Dalits (the "Untouchables") many of whom live there. BUT HERE'S THE SHOCKER: less than 0.05% (that's 1/10th of 1/2 a percent) of the total resources of Western churches are being sent into the 10/40 Window!! Yet 500,000 Villages in India alone have not yet heard the Gospel... *ashamed!!!*

Alright, let's go and help to remedy that just a little RIGHT NOW!!!!! And I DO mean NOW!!! (you don't have to even leave the house!!) At the end of this Message (next post) I've done a very simple SUMMARY of how to navigate (find) all that's below! (If you wish you can now start using Alt+Tab (hold down Alt while you just tap Tab) to easily swap back and forth between the 2 copies of your Browser.) Go to the gfa.org copy now. Near the top is a Menu across the page. Look for "Donate" and click it. There's now a second Menu under the top one (starts with "Major Ministries"). Go across and click on"From the Stable". The animals you'll see there go to really, really poor CHRISTIAN Dalit families - to breed for food (or to sell to get money).


You can spend any amount you like for any animal - perhaps for a pair of chickens or rabbits (which DO breed like rabbits!! *hee!*). Just type in $2, or $5, or the whole $11, or whatever you wish! Both very practical gifts we reckon! Ensure you click "Add to Cart." Wow-ee, YOU HAVE JUST GIVEN A PAIR OF RABBITS TO JESUS!!! - because you've just given FOOD to the HUNGRY!! You've started CARING for the VERY VERY NEEDY - and that covers #1 mentioned near the top of this Message!!!!!

Return to that 2nd top Menu and click on "Tools for Missionaries". Scroll down to "Bibles $3" (on their 3 giant printing presses, GFA prints BIBLES in many languages, and much more - for themselves AND other Christian works in India!) You could spend $3 for a Misho to give a full Bible to a new convert, or a measly $4 for an amazing 8 New Testaments to give out!) Oh, and every dollar, repeat EVERY DOLLAR, reaches the field!!! Not one cent is ever deducted - how about THAT for SPECIAL!!


Straight underneath is "Gospel Tracts $1", where you may purchase 200 TRACTS for evangelism. Totally unlike in our countries, Tracts are one of the most successful means there to reach people for the Lord!! For a buck this is incredible VALUE - for AMAZING Kingdom results!! Again you can put in whever amount you wish. Pretty easy, hey!! And guess what, you just OBEYED JESUS by taking the Gospel to the World!! - thus fulfilling #2 also from up top!! And all without leaving home!

Don't forget to click "Add to Cart" each time you enter an amount for something you're paying for. When finished, you can check "REVIEW CART" over at the right of the page, and click on "Checkout". GFA will probably collect some details from you so you can get regular emails from KP (KP Yohannan, the President and Founder of GFA - such a beautiful man!) to tell you what's happening, things for prayer, and so on. That is, you kind of become of "member" (but with NO obligations whatever!) of this astonishing Missionary Outreach work!!!

Finally, how can you manage to PAY for things you'll see on the large GFA website which, if you're anything like us, you'll want to do!! Initially, how about simply GOING WITHOUT SOMETHING SIMPLE - a coffee when you're out; resist 'the impulse buy'; buy the cheaper item, don't Supersize at Macca's (Macdonalds) - you get the idea! I tell ya it's plumb AMAZING the things we buy that we don't need!! This is a simple SWAP of one PERSONAL purchase for an ETERNAL result!!! And THAT covers what we mentioned above as (A), in the things we've been looking at here lately (moving to a simpler, LESS WORLDLY way of LIFE and ATTITUDE!!!)

SUMMARY: 1. Open gfa.org. 2. Click "Donations" on Menu. 3. Click "From the Stable" on Menu below top one. 4. Click "Tools for Missionaries" on same Menu.


Sending love and practical help into the 10/40 Window!

Continued in Part 8, "In As Much As You Did It Unto Them" ...

- BM and his Beloved

Gospel for Asia