In As Much As You Did It Unto Them... - Part 8

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Incredibly they are literally considered sub-human by the Hindu caste system. She isa Dalit, an "Untouchable". Commonly abused, raped, murdered. Many of them live in slums in India. Others provide bonded labour, working long hours for pennies basically in slavery. There is NO WAY OUT. Generation follows generation - no change, no freedom, no hope.

But there is an answer! GFA is dedicated to bringing the Gospel to the Dalits,including Christian schooling to change the lives of the children. They are taught the Bible as well as school subjects, provided with clothing, food, and health care.Numbers of their parents receive Jesus through these children!

Some of the above I took from a great video. If you go to: it may still be there, or click one of the pics on the page to watch similar wonderful videos!!

Continued in Part 9 "We Can Do It, We Can!" ...


- BM and Mrs

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