A Brief Introduction to Our Serious Message Series

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AT LAST! At times I've felt like this was never going to happen!

You can read Parts 1 and 2 of the Series straight after this. Please understand two things. FIRST: some of it is pretty 'heavy' stuff. It HAS to be! - because THIS IS ABOUT AS SERIOUS AS IT CAN GET!! But that's NOT a bad thing: because it's the "serious" aspect that's going to 'up' our Christian life to a whole NEW LEVEL!!

SECOND: You may feel that you 'know' what I'm writing. But PLEASE don't SWITCH out OR SKIP. The whole Series (a) Has to all HANG TOGETHER (b) Be as COMPLETE as I can make it (c) Be in the RIGHT ORDER (or it will not do the job for you or anyone), and (d) It's all there for you to REFER OTHERS to at a later date!!

When I put up the remaining Parts THEN you'll likely be in NEW TERRITORY quite often! -but Parts 1 and 2 are UTTERLY ESSENTIAL to these later Parts of the Series. When you're studying them, it will then be MORE OBVIOUS why the first two Parts are so crucially important!

Okay, let's go to it!!

- BM, with his Lady

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