A Sincere Thankyou!! - Part 3

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This post is specifically to HONOUR each one of you, individual by individual, coming here to read the initial Parts of this Series! I see your desire and determination to FIND and to KNOW the TRUTH!!! I've noted with GREAT interest how you're taking TIME to read and to take in and to understand! I KNOW I threw a lot at you in those first Parts. But I could NOT leave just one Major Part - leaving some dear folks way up in the air!! - but for their sakes simply HAD to do the second at the same time (thus giving you SO MUCH to read and try to digest!)

Love you for being so UNDERSTANDING!!!

I originally fully intended, and stated, that this Series would also be for UNBELIEVERS - where they could come to hear the Gospel, with the possibility of getting saved. But God has NOT moved that way... Why could it not be otherwise?? The answer is that He knows the right way, He IS the way, and He NEVER makes a mistake!

As to how I feel, of course I'm SAD to not be preaching Jesus in this Series with a view to inviting folks to come here and get Born Again. Instead, however, the Messages ASSUME that you already KNOW about Jesus' coming, His death, and resurrection, AND that you believe it!!

I've nearly finished writing the next - and maybe the most IMPORTANT - Message. Gotta get it RIGHT! - but SOON, okay!! (I told you Messages would differ in length, didn't I!) *nods convincingly!*

Continued in Part 4 "Here Lies the Problem, and Solution, for Most of Us"...

- BM with his special Lady

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