Going Further: Completing the Job! - Part 5

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How have you been going with looking for the sin: 1) that you've committed in the past, and also 2) sin that's still in your life? That is, looking to do a CLEAN SWEEP of all the sin you've committed in your life!! Wow!! - CONFESSING it in the Presence of a Holy God, and REPENTING of it all! Big task, I know!! Which is exactly why I stressed that you need to take plenty of TIME on it, NOT rush, but also NOT GIVE UP till this job is completed!!

By CONFESSION you are AGREEING WITH GOD concerning your sin and sinfulness, i.e., you are openly DECLARING YOURSELF a SINNER against Him: against His Holiness and Perfection. By REPENTING you are CHANGING YOUR MIND about how you've lived and how you still ARE living your life, by stating: I intend to LIVE DIFFERENTLY, to live MUCH BETTER from here on!!! NOTE: some confession and repentance WILL continue in your NEW LIFE!!! (but you'll have done the major job!!)

REPENTANCE is nothing less than a serious change of mind and heart! Without you earnestly do this, you can never get FREE and CLEAN of SIN and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in order that some true RIGHTEOUSNESS (which feels wonderful!!) can start to GROW in your life in Jesus! Do this job WELL, and you'll start to FEEL the difference in your daily walk with the GOD of all Creation!!

1 JOHN 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So via CONFESSION we receive (a) ASSURANCE of God's FORGIVENESS, and also (b) ASSURANCE of God's CLEANSING from ALL our UNRIGHTEOUSNESS (our wrong and bad living). What a wondrous thing all of this is! What an astonishing God we have!!

Now to the FINAL part of REPENTING - and that is RESTITUTION! Of putting RIGHT those things, or the RESULT of those things, which we did WRONG! We must seek to do this towards GOD, and to OTHERS. It's important to realise that we CANNOT fix up the results of all of our sin over the years! But what we CAN do, we MUST DO! This may be, e.g., confessing wrong done to someone, and seeking their forgiveness; it may be repayment of money for goods we've wrongly taken (or returning them); it may be starting to take care of the needy, or becoming more obedient to God's commands.

This is the final part of our our Life Cleanup via ESSENTIAL REPENTANCE, and while some of those things may be incredibly HARD, it's all of MAJOR IMPORTANCE (and will also PROVE the seriousness of your REPENTANCE!!!) Coming next, a much 'easier' step in ensuring that we are FULLY God's, FULLY Born Again!!

Continued in Part 6, "Moving on to Step 2 in Our Series" ...

- BM, with his Beloved

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