The High and Eternal Significance to Your Life of RBBR - Part 9

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RBBR simply means:

B-Believe in Jesus
B-Be Baptised
R-Receive (be filled with) the Holy Spirit.

And we've now completed those REQUIRED things from the New Coventant (New Testament) in order to be a true Christian man or woman as God intends. BUT... if you haven't worked through the 4 Steps, then I would have to be most fearful for YOUR ETERNAL DESTINY until you DO! And if you have NOT yet seriously done CONFESSION and REPENTANCE (in Step 1, here), this is most serious foolishness.

Please make NO MISTAKE WHATSOEVER that THAT'S HOW SERIOUS THIS ALL IS!!! Life here on this earth is not just for fun. That's NOT what it's about. Life is earnest and serious, with dire ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES for you if you FAIL to do what God requires of you!!


Conversely, if you have properly and earnestly and effectively worked through ALL of the 4 Steps, with the Lord, and by His help - then you can reasonably say with some CONFIDENCE that you are truly Born Again of the Living God!!!! And I call that GREAT NEWS!!! I would then think it highly likely that you will KNOW you've succeeded in your task of following those steps that the Lord has set forth in His Word for us to follow. You'll KNOW, that is, because of changes in your life!! Changes for GOOD of course - which for some will be incredibly EXCITING; quite AMAZING for others; and sometimes maybe a little confusing if you're not certain what's happening.


Please very carefully NOTE that we don't get FILLED with the Spirit JUST ONCE!! It's a daily filling!!! In EPHESIANS 5:18b God commands us to constantly be being filled with the Spirit. If you're new to Spirit filling, please PRAY for this daily,e.g.,"Lord, please always be filling me with the Holy Spirit today!"


In the Scriptures there is a sign or a verification that you have received the Holy Spirit, and been filled with the Holy Spirit. I didn't say THE sign, just A sign. i.e., you CAN still be FILLED with the Spirit WITHOUT this sign!! It's called "speaking in tongues" in the New Testament, i.e, speaking a language that you do not understand.

However, there's ABSOLUTELY NO need to feel any concern about this in any way! Please DON'T follow me, where I put myself through all manner of problems over this (some of which I've recounted here), but for years now I PRIVATELY speak in tongues, (only one person has ever heard me speaking in tongues, and that was more or less an accident) and quietly find it quite, quite WONDERFUL!!


And why not? Consider it as a HEAVENLY LANGUAGE that God gives to you as a GIFT, where you and He can RELATE, spirit to Spirit as it were, with little conscious thought on your part. By this I mean that your mind is barely involved, i.e., you can easily do other things while speaking in tongues!! - yet you are still in control of this as to starting, stopping, and so on. I'm a reasonably normal man who can do just one thing at a time, *ladies - no laughing please!* yet if I choose to, even I, with not too much difficulty, can pray in English and in tongues at the same time. (I call this "double prayer"!!)


Above I said "PRIVATELY", because there's FAR TOO MUCH public speaking of tongues being done in a completely UNSCRIPTURAL manner in certain churches. 1 CORINTHIANS 14:26 How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification. 27 If anyone speaks in a tongue, let there be two or at the most three, each in turn, and let one interpret. 28 But if there is no interpreter, let him keep silent in church, and let him speak to himself and to God.

Have you been disobeying God on this, just because the Pastor and church disobey? So...TONGUES IN CHURCH MEETINGS: only up to 3 tongue-speakers - and MUST be interpreted!!! (into THE LOCAL LANGUAGE, by someone to whom God has given the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues). Whatever it is about what these verses clearly say that thousands of churches apparently don't understand is quite beyond me!

For more to read about Holy Spirit filling and "Speaking in Tongues" go to "The Inner Room" message "How to Walk, Live & Pray in the Spirit - Part 3", then continue to "Part 4" as well. Please realise that you may start speaking in an unknown tongue from God straight after Baptism, or later that day, or the next day. OR you may not speak in a tongue at all! In this case, if you wish to have this Gift from the Lord, you know the drill: you may ASK God for it!! PRAY in FAITH, and WAIT, then CONTINUE this!!

Heavenly Blessings to all!

Continued in Part 10, "Umm... Once Saved, Always Saved"?? ...

- BM, with his Love

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