About What's First - and What's Next

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Many of us can live here on earth for a little while longer. But for ALL of us, Eternity is what comes next: where God is, where He dwells. NOTHING of earth is there! It's kind of ALL GOD in Heaven! It all revolves around HIM. Everything does! Should be like that here too, but of course it's NOT - and we understand that it's SIN that causes that -ENTIRELY!


But as individuals who truly CARE about God we can do a quite remarkable job of living like it's ALREADY HEAVEN!! For example, we DON'T have to "worship" earthly things and earthly ways, but instead REPLACE them with heavenly things and heavenly ways. Still with our FEET FIRMLY ON THE GROUND I hastily add! - there's maybe nothing too much worse than the person "who is too heavenly-minded to be of any earthly use"!!

We could maybe sum it up as "Being Spiritual -- ON Earth"!! That's how I've learnt to live. There are earthly things to be done obviously, but they all have to take their proper place in the SPIRITUAL scheme of things. If they don't "fit in" with the Spiritual, then I discard them, and find something that DOES fit! Thus I need MONEY for things like being able to eat, and clothe me, and house me, and medicine to keep me alive. But I'm very, very careful to SAVE the rest and give it to people far more NEEDY than I am!!


So I regularly give FOOD to the "Untouchables" in India, via gfa.org. Sometimes clothing. Sometimes some money to help them have a clean water well, and other needs. Jesus said: As you do these things to my brothers, YOU ARE DOING THEM TO ME!! (Click) Matthew 25:40. I just LOVE that thought! I also give to Missionary Pastors there, so they can bring the Gospel about the Lord Jesus to people who've never heard of His LOVE! SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!! In this way some of them really, really come to believe in Him - and so I'll be with them in heaven!! WOW! That will be awesome!!

I take care to "feed" the Spiritual aspect of my life every day. This involves Prayer - time spent with the Lord. Also time spent with His Word to get to understand it - so I can live it out! There I learn that as someone who belongs to Him, I need to always be OBEDIENT to what He says. I also need to stay CLEAN and as free from SIN as possible. I do that by keeping "a short account" with the Lord: any sin I commit or become aware of, is CONFESSED and REPENTED of immediately.


Via means like these that He teaches us in His Word, I have grown towards Him more and more, so that He's become THE FOCUS of my whole life now. NOTHING else comes ahead of HIM!! REPENTNG and growing closer to Him enables me to grow in righteousness and holiness, which I know pleases Him greatly (rather pleases me too, I must admit!!) So the Spiritual side of my life is what I work hard on. Basically the rest has to fit in with that!!!

Heavenly Blessings!

- BM, with his Lady

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