Seeing the Pain, the Hurts: and What to Do!

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Faithwoman wrote in an earlier post about lots of good deeds done while helping the NEEDY - so important that we true Believers be DOING THIS!! She also queried whether we actually SEE people that are suffering? - do we see the HURTS and PAINS? TRUTH IS that if we are TRULY BORN OF GOD then we WILL see the hurts - AND be doing something about them!!!

Let me tell you about just TWO REASONABLY LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE that the church ignores almost COMPLETELY (which incredibly sadly tells its own story, doesn't it...) -- the long-term ILL, and the OLD and INFIRM. Usually we are: a) stuck 24/7 in the 4 walls of our house, and b) have no friends left, and thus c) no one to help when we have a serious need. Put all this together and it will also be clear that: d)WE CAN BE INCREDIBLY LONELY!!!

NOW BEING LONELY IS A TOTAL CHRISTIAN CONTRADICTION!!! Because according to the CLEAR message of New Testament (click to READ) you CANNOT be lonely if you are a Believer in a true Christian Community - BECAUSE... your Brothers and Sisters will be taking full care of ALL of your needs - as a TOP PRIORITY in THEIR lives!!


1. Your friends in the church are those who LOVE YOU, and it's THEM you spend your time with. (NORMAL and COMMON)
2. You love the NEEDY PEOPLE in the Church, and THEY are who you spend you time with. (Very UNUSUAL and UNCOMMON!)

So which are YOU? But won't it COST to have to look after the needy? Well, did it COST Jesus to come to EARTH to DIE for YOU? It WILL cost! - yet here's the amazing thing, when you're TOTALLY COMMITTED TO THE LORD, having seriously worked through Reaching Higher Messages, Parts 1 to 6, starting HERE, your life will be changing or changed, and your outlook on life will be MORE LIKE JESUS' OUTLOOK IS, and the Holy Spirit will be helping you to become A TRULY GIVING AND LOVING PERSON!!! Remembering, of course, that as you give love, friendship and care to that old lady who is often grumpy and sometimes actually smells, YOU ARE DOING THIS TO JESUS!!!

If you want to know what this is called, it's called LOVING ONE ANOTHER (agape), where agape is selfless and caring love DIRECT FROM GOD!! JOHN 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

This is a top-flight COMMAND from Jesus, that we do need to start DOING!!

- BM and Mrs

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