Spiritual Indigestion...

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Once a week, right. I can't comment on how good the content may or may not be, but can you remember anything from the last one you heard? MORE to the point were you able to start to put it into practice in your life? To start actually DOING it? Okay, I doubt we have too much 'Spiritual Indigestion' here.


But a message almost daily from Bondman... Whoa, that's a different matter. Because first, I pack a fair lot into each one. Second, it's all practical - stuff to get your teeth into. Third, it's always serious and often challenging. Sometimes it may even be confronting.

So is it possible to get Spiritual Indegestion here in The Inner Room? Yes it is! How come? - because you're reading a lot at once, too much to be able to put into practice!Certainly in so short a time. So what should we do? I should write less maybe? No I don't think that's the best answer.


Here's a great way to go! This is most IMPORTANT!! If you ARE truly seeking the Truth in Jesus - which I earnestly hope you are! - then usually you can tell if God "highlights"something to you. It kind of gets your attention! You find that you're having a bit of a lightbulb moment! lightbulb Once again if you're serious about Jesus, then this is almost certainly the HOLY SPIRIT who is shining His LIGHT onto a TRUTH: a truth that's just right for YOU!!!

The Spirit is our TRUTH-REVEALER! So wow, best take notice when this happens!!! So:

.. Spend more time on the truth.
.. Read it again.
.. Talk to God about it.
.. And most of all ENSURE that you start towards putting this into your life! Absolutely critical!!

Need more info about it, or help? Just ask!


1. Take note of those things the Holy Spirit lights up - these are special for YOU!

2. Start acting upon it or them ASAP.

3. Don't try to DO a million new things at once - you'll just get Spiritual Indigestion! (and maybe depressed as well). NOTE: it IS alright to take in and LEARN all the truths you read - that's a quite different matter.

4. Start ACTING upon it or them ASAP! *oh, did I say that?!!*

Bless you as you aim to follow this important course of action!

- BM and his Love

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