Dare To Believe

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Here we are in the early days of 2008. Today, and what's happening today can seem SO incredibly important! Even to the point of running our whole life right now! (maybe you've noticed how this can happen). But consider: in 10 years' time do you think you'll be able to remember anything about today?

Alright then, here's an incredibly IMPORTANT question to ask yourself: where can I be in 10 years' time or 20 years' time? Here are three things that are absolutely true:

.:: By then you can have GROWN massively as a PERSON and as a BELIEVER in Jesus

.:: You can be living so much CLOSER to the Lord every day

.:: And you can, and should, be a so much more MATURE and BETTER Christian!

Here's the Challenge then: dare to 'dream'! Dare to BELIEVE! RIGHT NOW, in your minds' eye, dare to move forward 10 and 20 years... to believe that you can be so much more at that time than you are now. Take a quiet moment in the Presence of the living God (or MORE than a moment!) to envisage yourself at that time. See it as actual reality. Picture it as a definite GOAL that you ARE going to achieve!

I realise that for many what I'm about to write may sound, well, rather radical at the very least. But I want to say to everyone reading this today: hey, let's all step up to the plate and dare to BELIEVE that you can become nothing less than A MAN OF GOD or A WOMAN OF GOD!!! ...What, you mean ME? Oh yes! I can't tell you how desperately He wants people like that!! - Believers who will grab a hold of their Christian life with a new determination and a divine imperative... to become nothing less than EVERYTHING He wants you to be!

And here's how to get started: right here and now, in your mind's eye, move forward to then. DARE to see where you CAN BE into the future. And here's the most wonderful thing about all this: HE'S ALREADY THERE - WAITING FOR YOU!

Love you each one! Praying for you to get a personal vision for YOUR future in Christ!

- BM and his Lady

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