Scripture - Be Anxious For Nothing - Part 1

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Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in every thing, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requirements made known to God.

Umm... seems to me we don't obey THIS command by God! Don't be anxious about, well... ANYTHING, He says!!! Oops!!

Do you feel like this command is plumb IMPOSSIBLE? Hmm, maybe the rest of the verse will help: "but in every circumstance of life and in every thing in life -- PRAY! Okay, that makes good sense. So it's PROBLEM => PRAY.

Next, notice the two words popped in there that we can so easily miss: 'with thanksgiving'. We don't thank God anywhere NEAR enough, do we? So now it's PROBLEM => PRAY with a THANKFUL HEART.

And finally we're invited - yes, invited by God Himself - to make our requirements known to Him! Wow-ee, to come and tell Him what we're feeling in our life as to our needs.This is CHILD OF GOD coming to FATHER GOD (Abba) and telling Him what we NEED! Not what we WANT - no, no, that can easily be quite selfish and thus is NEVER gonna be answered, ever! - just our REQUIREMENTS, the things we're feeling that we need so we can succeed at living as His man, His woman, living as He wants us to. And remember that this covers EVERYTHING - our physical needs, emotional needs, mental needs, Spiritual needs - THE WHOLE BANG LOT!!! ...And that's it, in its TOTAL SIMPLICITY!!

Oh, nearly forgot the next verse:

7 And God's peace which passes all understanding, shall mount guard over, and keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.

So finally we have:


Don't you just love it!!!

- BM and his Lady-love

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