Scripture - John 14:23

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JOHN 14:23
Jesus said, If a person loves Me, he will keep My word - obey My teaching; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home (special dwelling place) with Him.

Mmm... I rather like that! Jesus and the Father making their home with me. Wow!!

But here once AGAIN, as in so many parts of Scripture we have a conditional promise (you need to always be on the look out for them!) Mebbe we should call them:

IF x... THEN y

verses! *grin*

Thus... IF we aim to keep His word, and aim to obey His teachings, THEN 2 things WILL happen - as promised by Jesus Himself:

• God the Father will LOVE us, and
BOTH will come and make their HOME with us!

I can handle THAT!! What do you reckon?

But I skipped past the the first part, didn't I. It's conditional too, but different from the above. "If you really DO love Me," Jesus says, "then you will OBEY Me by following my COMMANDS." Whoa, that's pretty heavy!!! But it's also straight down the line so that we can know EXACTLY where we stand - and to me that's great!

So the question for us all is: DO I KEEP HIS WORDS, OBEY HIM, and DO WHAT HE SAYS? Let's be honest here: most of us don't. Well, we do if it suits us. But if it is going to COST us, mostly we draw back. God does NOT like us drawing back - yet we do it all the time, and it really is time to STOP doing this!!

So DO YOU REALLY LOVE JESUS? Then you'll be more and more and more and more seeking to be obedient to Him and living the way He says! This is a CENTRAL part of all of my messages, as of the whole of my life. I am obedient to Jesus cos I love Him so much.

Hey, how can we do less???

Love and blessings to all!

- BM and his Lady

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