Three Essentials

Posted in The Inner Room


1. We can't understand a single thing in the Spiritual realm except the Lord specifically REVEALS them to us. When we try with our own understanding, our eyes remain closed and we get nothing of value. Or we may even get ERROR!!

2. God doesn't REVEAL things to us unless/until we SEEK for them, and SEEK FOR HIM. Become a serious TRUTH-SEEKER. We learn, see and understand Spiritual things in direct proportion to our earnest seeking!

3. To SEEKING and GOD'S REVELATION add TRUST, FAITH, BELIEF - and you have a winning combination! You can then move forward in your Christian walk, both LEARNING and then GROWING!! Towards MATURITY IN CHRIST!!!

God wants you to enter heaven to be with Him forever, not still a baby,BUT MATURE IN THE LORD JESUS! And please don't waste time - this is coming to us all really SOON!

- BM and Mrs

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