Three Things We Need To Be

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I had to speak 3 things to a Believer about her Christian walk. She was wanting to be totally the Lord's, but was NOT making the grade!

These are the 3 things. They are things that we ALL need:


Be soft towards the Lord in heart and in spirit. Only God can do this in you! But you have to ask Him to! And keep on asking! Hardness of HEART will hold you back. Hardness of SPIRIT will hold you back. Both will block you off from the essential things He desperately wants to do in your life, because He loves you so much.


Be open to ALL that He's saying. Open to what you READ in His Word. Open to what He's SAYING to you in that still, small voice of His. A voice that we don't hear - because we're too busy in our lives to listen. Because we're too busy telling Him stuff to listen. Too busy asking for blessings to listen.

Only God can give you openness! But you need to ask Him for it, and keep on asking!


Be responsive to whatever He is saying to you and wishing to do in your life. Lack of responsiveness will kill your Christian life. I see it all the time. Here's a person God is working in. They actually do listen to what He's saying, and they really hear what He's saying - but they don't DO them! Whoa, serious mistake!!

We have to HEAR - and then DO! That is, we have to act upon what we learn, and act upon what He tells us. Being responsive to His voice.

The successful Christian will be so SOFT towards their Lord. They will be so OPEN to all that He has for them and says to them, and does in them. They will be so RESPONSIVE to Him, not just hearing but acting. And doing so promptly!

So please DO aim to become more and more and more SOFT, OPEN, and RESPONSIVE to our wonderful and awesome God.

Much love to you from

- BM and his Beloved

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