I Could Easily Get Upset

Posted in The Inner Room

I really could!! What? - about the stuff that's going on in our lives? No, not at all. I'm perfectly content with my lot as God brings into my life those things that will GROW me. That's how I've become a mature Christian - so no, I'm not gonna be upset about that!

I'm upset with the great number of no doubt well-meaning Christians who say and do things to other Christians THAT ARE UNSCRIPTURAL!! I'm quite appalled at the lack of knowledge of what the New Testament does say and does NOT say about how to live our lives! Sometimes the well-meaning folk are putting forward what their church has taught them, and that's well and good - provided it's true to the NEW TESTAMENT!! When it's not, incredible harm can be, and does, get done. And that's NOT RIGHT!!

I'm tired of the lovelessness and unforgiving spirit in people who claim to be following Christ (even unbelievers know that's wrong behaviour!!!) I'm not surprised about that, but I am tired of it. Folks, may I PLEAD with you to please read your Bibles! Please read and reread and reread the New Testament - our sole guide from God as to how we must live and what we must believe and teach. Don't accept things on face value. Check it out for yourself.

As a guide to best Bible Versions to use: New King James to get an accurate translation from the Greek text. The Amplified Bible to get a PILE of extra insight into what that Greek text is really saying! - a GREAT help to understanding! And if a verse or passage is not clear to you, then read what one of the 'GREATS' from the past said about it! I HIGHLY recommend The Matthew Henry Commentary which is on the Net, here: http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/ . I know it's deep and can be a bit hard to read, but man it's GOOD!! After you've clicked the link, to go to the New Testament just scroll down a little and the NT books will soon appear on the right hand side.

You must NOT be blown around by every wind of doctrine.

that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting,

But we WILL be swayed by every new doctrine, and we WILL stay as kids and never grow up as Christians and certainly never reach the MATURITY in Christ that God wants for ALL of us, UNLESS we get to know the New Testament for ourselves.

And finally, I'm mightily upset, again by the well-meaning people who tell someone that their life is WRONG or that they are SINNING against Almighty God, based on totally FALSE beliefs that are NOT in the Word of God! Result: just one more poor soul with their life totally blown out of water, when this should NEVER have ever happened in the first place. (Yes, I do get to have to help these dear ones recover from this, and if I related some of the stories it would either have you in tears or very angry, or maybe both!) If you're going toteach or judge the life of another, then MAKE SURE OF YOUR FACTS FIRST, else keep your mouth firmly shut!!!

For decades my personal course has been to get to KNOW and to UNDERSTAND what God is saying. I'm blessed absolutely beyond measure that He's taught me all that I know - so that I DO know and understand! (I'm NOT saying I have everything right - only God has that! I am saying that He WILL teach you by His Spirit from His Word if that's your determination. And if I may be so bold: it should be!!)

Okay, I'll get down off my soapbox now, and toddle off to bed!

Let's determine to know NT truth!!

- BM and his Mrs

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