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This message is about true PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY that The Inner Room is all about. In fact this need to be whole is a desperate need for all peoples! Only by moving and growing towards wholeness can we begin to live life as we wish it - AS WELL AS having our relationships starting to work well. GOD WANTS NOTHING LESS FOR YOU THAN TOTAL AND COMPLETE PERSONAL WHOLENESS!!! I've long said that relationships ARE the most difficult thing on the planet! - so it's NOT going to be easy for us to get them working effectively. The more wholeness we have within ourselves the better they WILL!

Each of us has taken an IMPORTANT STEP toward wholeness in taking Jesus as both our LORD and SAVIOUR. And you could be forgiven for thinking that ought to enough, right? Perhaps for some it is - but for most of us it's not. The thing is that we all need a VERTICAL relationship as well as HORIZONTAL relationships working in our lives, i.e., our relationships with others as well as with God.



If either of these two relationships are not working well, our life will not be anywhere near what we want, nor anywhere near what the Lord wants! So we need to ADD to being a Christian Believer the ability to get on well with others. But here we immediately come up against what can be a MAJOR problem for many of us. It all revolves around LOVE. To be more specific: LOVING OURSELVES!


.. Can I truly love God if I don't love myself?

.. Can loving God HELP me to love myself?

.. Or do I need to love myself first, before I can start to love love Him?

There's no clear answer to these - they often seems to be 'mixed in together', and I suspect it's different for each Believer anyway. I also believe that for many of us, learning to love God and love myself do kind of 'go together', i.e., one builds the other, which builds the first, and so on. BUT DOES WHAT THE ORDER IS REALLY MATTER? I'm not sure that it does all that much. WHAT DOES MATTER IS THAT WE GET THESE THREE CRUCIAL THINGS WORKING:

.. Loving/accepting myself

.. Loving God

.. Loving others.

What is pretty clear is that there's an incredibly major need for us all to learn to love and accept ourselves. I'm convinced that this world is chock full of people with low (or no) self-esteem or low self-worth (as I suffered from for MOST of my adult life!) I believe that even many of those extroverts who look like they're totally in control are either covering up their low self-esteem by their extroversion OR they used this to help build their self-esteem - but may still be at least partly covering up anyway!

So LOVING MYSELF... LOVING GOD... LOVING OTHERS - it can be mighty hard for most of us to get these working. When they're not, our life will NOT be doing well. Conversely, when we DO them them working, it's can be almost like 'magic' the change that comes into our lives!


I've only met one CHRISTIAN GENIUS in my life. I was in hospital in Sydney under Professor Steinbeck a number of years ago. His understanding of the Scriptures fair blew my brain! Sadly I only managed to have one short discussion with him - but it changed the course of my whole life!! He could see my low self-esteem at that time - who couldn't! Afraid of my own shadow I was... His giant brain easily figured what it was I needed. He recommended 3 books for me to read. I'm passing on the recommendation of the 2 short paperbacks that changed me forever, i.e, they are the good Prof's strong recommendation - AND mine as well! They are SO easy to read. Very clear and easy to UNDERSTAND. With illustrations to help you get the point!



The first one is Why Am I Afraid to Love?, which has sold over 15 million copies and you can purchase used ones for almost nothing from Amazon here: Why Am I Afraid to Love?: Overcoming Rejection and Indifference: Books: John Powell. On the left at Amazon is the book cover: click it to see 'inside' the book. Click the arrows on the right of the pages to go to the next page. Towards the bottom you'll see the book most other people purchase at the same time: Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? Which is exactly the Professor's and my recommendation also!! Click on the link to go and check out this 2nd book also.


Please don't be put off by the titles: they are the very things the author will HELP you to fix!! There's no need for fear or concern. And if it should be that you don't really need them, then read (so you can PERSONALLY recommend them), then give them away to someone who does!!

With love peace and joy to all!

-BM and his Lady

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