Living Right

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I'm sure we all know we should be doing this. But it's HARD! Yet God is perfect and He demands perfection from us! Which of course is impossible, isn't it? We understand that's why Jesus had to suffer and die, giving His life in my place so that my imperfections - my sin, my rebellion against Him and His commands especially, my willfulness, and more - could be totally forgiven, and I be cleansed of ALL of my sin! And that's a Hallelujah!

JOHN 13:10
Jesus said, anyone who is bathed does not need to wash, as he is (already) clean all over.

Wow, washed clean forever by the blood of the Lamb! Rev. 1:5. I can handle that!! And that is where I STAND today. I believe that's where YOU stand also. And so God now sees you as perfect in the Lord Jesus. Righteous and holy. If you were NOT, then God - Who cannot touch sin - would STILL be unable to be near you, let alone live IN YOU!!! Man, that's sooo INCREDIBLE!

And all of this is completely FREE, free for the asking as it were. It cost Jesus EVERYTHING, but us NOTHING. However, what this did was simply let us in the door. Just got us started, that's all. From here on much is still free, but we have to start on a journey (I love to call it an adventure) towards eternity, and please trust me that there is MUCH FOR US TO DO!

We should think of it like this:


I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

"A living SACRIFICE." And giving our bodies to him in this sacrifice of love is spoken of as "our reasonable service." Yup, sure seems VERY reasonable to me! It COST Jesus everything to redeem us. It will now cost US everything also as we seek to live His way. Contrary to popular opinion the Christian life is NOT easy. Not at all. And those who think that God is a sort of heavenly Santa Claus, pretty-much only there to hand out good things to us so our life will be just great, simply do not understand the message of the New Testament.

So to my question for you today? Do you want with all of your heart and life TO LIVE RIGHT FOR GOD? To have personal RIGHTEOUSNESS? If not, then The Inner Room probably won't help you much, and at the Judgment Seat of Christ you will LOSE a very great deal indeed!!! (I do not want to see this happen to you.)

If Yes, then I will help you to learn righteousness and holiness, and at Jesus' Judgment Seat you will gain a wonderful REWARD that He has for you! In this life you will have more and more LOVE, and DEEP-DOWN JOYFULNESS, and DEEP-DOWN PEACE that nothing, BUT nothing, can ever take away - plus six other gifts in the Fruit of the Spirit. It's all there for the one who wants this. It will cost, but the rewards HERE and in ETERNITY could never possibly be measured because they are just SO wonderful!

Do join me!

Much love in Jesus!

- BM and his Lady

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