Personal Righteousness

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Freedom07 spoke about the Holy of Holies - that incredibly special place in the (Jewish) Temple where God dwelt! And he wrote this thinking about how can we get closer and closer to God here in The Inner Room. Can we? Oh YES!!!

But here's something deeper involving the word Holy. Peter speaks this utterly astonishing thing that God says to us (are you ready for this?): "Be holy, as I am holy!" 1 Peter 1:16. Is he kidding? How can this be? I'm a sinner, not a holy man!! I'm to be HOLY... like GOD!!

Wow, that really is a bit much! God is, well, He's PERFECT. That's what holy means. Or we could use the word righteous here also. He is both Holy and righteous. And we're to be the same. Yikes!

But here's good news. The moment we accepted Jesus, immediately the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit took up residence IN US. Our sins were taken away, we were cleansed, and we were made perfect - all in and because of the Lord Jesus. That is, when God looks at us ever since, all He sees is Jesus' PERFECTION (not our sinfulness). Sees only HIS perfect holiness. HIS righteousness. So we can say that "POSITIONALLY" - in Christ - we are all perfectly, 100%, holy and righteous!! Can you handle that? I sure can!!!

Okay, let's go further. God is NOT satisfied with me being righteous just in Jesus. He wants me to start getting some... I'll call it PERSONAL righteousness. That is, some "goodness" of my own. Some... yes, some perfection! How can THAT possibly happen? Well as we LEARN and thus as we GROW, we can begin to see how to live RIGHT!! And then a bit more right, and so we start on this journey towards getting some personal righteousness and holiness (Scripturally true - I'm not making this up!)

And the best possible thing we can do to get our righteousness started is --- OBEDIENCE! To do and be good, we need to know HOW to live, right? It's all there in the New Testament for us. Then we need, and need desperately - to start actually BEING OBEDIENT to what He says. And I'll write more on this real soon, okay?

Bless all you guys real good. Thankyou for being part of The Inner Room. That means so much to me and my Lady - AND to the Lord!

-BM and his Beloved

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