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Hi there bg, and hi to you Mark! Please don't despair, man! Hey, will you guys please FORGIVE me for including your quotes in this message. Cos it's SO important!!

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Uhhggg. I understand all of what I've learned here, but why don't I feel it? Why don't I feel safe and satisfied following Him and resisting worldly ways?
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i dont feel anything good either.. and i am guessing others will reply u saying feelings and faith are different.. but only God knows what u re going thru.. or maybe u can give more details of what u're experiencing.

This is a very common problem that maybe most of us have experienced, and many still experience.

What it basically boils down to is that we get the truths into our HEAD, but then have trouble getting them to our HEART. Someone has said that the longest distance for the Christian is the 1ft foot between the head and the heart! I had maybe 5 or 6 years struggling with this when first saved. It was NOT nice! My problem was compounded by the fact that I'm a very cerebral person; I think things out; I have to understand. All GOOD of course - but unfortunately not all that helpful to getting from head to heart.

In a sense I spose I had to get to what I'll term 'the end of myself' in order to give up on MY abilities - so that some FAITH could be released into me. Okay, I already trusted God in my head, but just like you say, it didn't seem to translate into knowing that I belonged to God in a personal way, or to helping me living out the Christian life. I encourage you to NEVER give up! To persist. To choose to keep at this till you become the Christian you know you should be and can be - and you will get there!!

Why did I say 'will' with such certainty? Cos referring to a people who have not followed after Him, God then says with wonderful positivity I think: "

But if from there you SEEK the Lord your God, you WILL find Him, IF you seek Him with ALL your heart (and mind) and soul and life."

Very important words these (Jesus spoke similar ones in the Gospels): if, that's IF, you seek me with all of you, then comes His PROMISE! - YOU WILL FIND ME!!! I did this in my early twenties and DID find Him, receiving assurance of Salvation by the Holy Spirit and moving on into a wonderful walk with Him leading to this very day. Do I have head-heart problems now? No, I don't. Not for a very long time! So I tell ya that early seeking was well worth it!!

And I think that's what a lot of this is about. God wants SERIOUS people to live and be with Him for all eternity - serious about HIM I mean! So He doesn't make any of this easy:

• it's not easy to get saved (despite what many say)

• it's not necessarily easy to get assurance of salvation

• it's not necessarily easy to get things you've learnt into your heart, and

• it's not easy to actually LIVE the Christian life!

Cos He never intended it to be easy!! Those who teach this are way off what the NT clearly says. So if you're looking for that, then you're going to be disappointed. But IF you truly SEEK for God - and keep on seeking (in the NT, the Greek word for 'seek' that Jesus said is present continuous tense!! - and that's the CORE of all of this) then God's PROMISE will be fulfilled in you! And you'll know with glorious certainty that you are HIS, and much more...

I hope that may have helped a little. Please ask more if you need to.

Much love!

- BM with his Beloved

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