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For many years my Beloved was asking (half-jokingly), "Why do we have to keep praying the same thing to God? Didn't He hear the first time?"

There is a strong Scriptural principle of PERSISTING. Would a little boy ask his dad just once to make him a tree house? If he really wanted it he'd be asking and asking - and asking - right! If we persist and keep asking, God knows we're serious - this gets His attention real good!

There are many WORDS in the Scriptures that mostly aren't translated in a way to show this essential of persisting. Most of us would know "Seek and you WILL find" from Matthew 7:7. So seek just ONCE and you'll find God? I don't think so!

My translation of choice for Study is the Amplified Version - because it gives you the meaning, and the MEANINGS - from the original language. Because 'seek' and 'knock' and 'ask' in that passage are what I'll call 'present continuous tense' for sake of simplicity, i.e., something we do now, and keep doing.

So here's MATT 7:7 from the Amplified: "Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking ..."

Good, hey! In some places the Amplified translators will actually write it like this: "Ask,and keep on asking and..." That is, ask - then ask some more. Persist. Show God you mean business, that you are 'fair dinkum' about it, as we'd say here in Australia.

And don't quit just because nothing seems to be happening! Consider: say you're asking for something to help grow some personal holiness/righteousness - God may not be ABLE to answer it... until He's dealt with 4 other things first! If this is the case, notice what's happening here. Because you're fair dinkum about what you're asking, He is now working on a number of things! (It also may be you're not yet ready for that - but God loves - and certainly will NOT forget - that you WANT it!)

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

What a WONDERFUL assurance! Oh yes, He responds very strongly when you're praying for more GOODNESS (more righteousness, godliness and holiness) to be in your life!!

PERSIST - definitely a great way to go!

- BM with his Lady

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