The Question of Lust - Part 2

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Forgive you? I thank you.

And your reply to James really helped me too. I pray James and I can see everything as his creation and truly desire to see it only that way and treat it accordingly.

So when I'm with friends and they point out a girl, I'm not to smile/ nod/ acknowledge it? Or as long as I'm truly not thinking the same thing he is?

Hmm... it's just the odd year since I was in a situation like that! I don't see any great problem in someone pointing out a dishy chick to you. Like James said: admire the creation, not the flesh. My Lady will even point out to me someone on TV! If it comes to leering at her, as a group of guys can well do, that's not good, but I don't see much harm in acknowledging, smiling, and agreeing. Provided the latter is done PURELY.

Cos it really is our ATTITUDE in all of this! If that's right, then how we act etc. will follow accordingly. A pretty girl, a pretty lady, wow, that's great. God has done it again, and I rejoice. SAME as when I see a beautiful scene in nature, or on TV some brilliant animal or magnificent bird, we sit there in amazement and say, "Wow Lord, you sure know how to make things beautiful." And He does!

If the word 'attitude' doesn't gel for you, then we could also use something like 'focus'. My life-focus is to honour the Lord in all that I say, all that I do, all that I see, all that I feel, all that I think. That focus helps me with PURITY. Helps keeps my mouth clean, my mind clean, my thoughts on track. And to live this life-focus I keep STRONG in me the fact that life here is but a couple of seconds! Truly!! It starts, it finishes. In no time at all. Then comes E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y, which we describe as 'forever'. And which is either with God ('oh,yes please!') - or without God (no way! no, no, NO!!!) Hector, people, God is PURE!! I need - and earnestly want - to be that way, so I can live with Him.

Things down here seem SO important. Mostly they're not. They just tangle up our life and we don't get to move forward. The FUTURE - in eternity - THAT'S what's important!

Praying for HIS power to be working powerfully *smile* in us all!

- BM

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