How to Walk, Live & Pray in the Spirit - Part 2

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By naked FAITH I took this step that was, and felt, so incredibly momentous for me! And it was! At that moment I knew for CERTAIN that Jesus would be my Lord forever! But I must explain briefly how acknowledging Jeusus as your LORD works. Take this decision and it IS forever, the reason being that it's such a mammoth one! Your life will never be yours again. Now it belongs to the Lord - TOTALLY!! AND there's no going back. However, while this IS a ONCE FOR ALL thing - at the same time it isn't! I think this is the first time I've mentioned the fact that in the Scriptures you will come across numbers of apparent contradictions, where either two opposites, amazingly, can operate at the exact same time, OR two things that are very different can still BOTH be true at the same time! Make quite certain that you realise this, or some time you are going to get quite confused as to what God is on about!


This is one of them. I knew my decision was forever, but at the same time it has to be 'renewed' constantly (thus making it "not" forever, okay - an apparent contradiction!), i.e., take Him as Lord, and start living obediently - but you gotta make sure that He STAYS as your Lord! You can easily enough 'un-Lord' Him, if you see what I mean! And this is definitely NOT the way to go. Maybe from this you can see that the Lord Jesus as LORD over your life is an incredibly major decision, not to be lightly taken, but when you do - then you're COMMITTED!!! Surrender your life to Him and it's for ever and ever - Amen!

This is what Lordship is all about. Giving up yourself and what YOU want, and insteadliving for what HE wants! You'll hardly be surprised when I say that this is not a very popular concept for many folks! Our comfort and ease, and life-style, and job, and all our materialism, and enjoyment, well, they all call to us prettty darn loud! And it's VERY easy to listen to them - rather than to our LORD's call to us!


The very moment we become a Christian we are changed. Do you agree? And this is a work of the Holy Spirit! It's HE Who calls you to come to the Cross for Salvation in the first place! I hope you didn't think YOU did this... well okay, it was you who came. But you could NEVER EVER EVER have done this without the Spirit working in you, DRAWING you to Jesus - usually quite without you knowing or noticing! Then at the instant of conversion the Holy Spirit transformed you from DEATH to LIFE, from DARKNESS to LIGHT!!! Yup, HE did that!! Else this would - could - never have happened. And finally, also at that moment He came to live IN YOU!

Consider: could you be saved by Him, and SOMEHOW STAY SAVED - without He remaining right there in your life? No way! He came with His power for you to have REAL LIFE, the very life of God, by taking up residence in you!! WOW!!!! And that's in you, at all times, and for always. He gives you power to live the life that we simply CANNOT live using our own abilities. He also REVEALS Jesus, to us, and in us, and through us! HE really is the great REVELATOR!!! That's a major part of why Jesus promised in John 14 that He would send the Paraclete (Comforter), the Holy Spirit to us. He'll lead you into all truth, Jesus said! John 16:13.


So please understand that at the moment you became a christian the Holy Spirit started living in you. Please don't go ASKING Him to come - He's already THERE! BUT... it certainly doesn't stop there. Not only are we assured that He's IN us, but the Word of God also says that we are to be FILLED with (or Baptised with) the Spirit! And when your life gets to THAT point, that is when you are really starting to hit pay dirt, as the saying goes! The filling of the Spirit is wonderful almost beyond description - but please don't think it's an easy thing to get to, as many seem to say. Like ALL of the Christian life - that's A-L-L, ALL - depending on a number of things, this is likely to be quite difficult and take time!

The New Testament does speak of some folk being filled/baptised with the Spirit at their conversion. Wow, I sure wish I'd been! If a person TODAY gets 'properly' converted by taking Jesus as their Saviour AND making Him Lord over all of their life there and then, I have no problem accepting that some get filled at that moment!

continued in Part 3...


- BM and his Lady

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