How to Walk, Live & Pray in the Spirit - Part 5

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Maybe it's time to pause, and take stock of what we've been saying in this IMPORTANT TOPIC, about which there can be so much confusion.

Filling with the Spirit is for those wholly committed to the Lord. It's an on-going thing. It's NOT necessarily connected with the GIFT of speaking in tongues (unknown languages). And it's a command from God - NOT an option! You want to be OBEDIENT to the Lord, don't you? Then you need to start asking for Him to be filling you with the Spirit every day!

And so to a summation of the first part of these brief words, about a major and very important subject:


We walk in the Spirit by being FILLED with the Spirit on a daily basis. Walking in the Spirit simply means walking - living - the way He wants us to! Thus my stress on BEING OBEDIENT to our wonderful God as part of writing these Messages.


The same as above. Our time here on earth is very short. Soon we go to be in Eternity with our God. But here on earth, I see so many Christians living as if life here is a period to behaving a good time with lots of material possessions, and money and the like. Does that sound to you like the way to get ready to live with God in eternity? HARDLY!! Came into the world with NOTHING - leave the same way. Except that you can set a goal right now of LEARNING and GROWING - towards becoming a MATURE MAN OR WOMAN IN CHRIST, just as fast as you possibly can!! That way when you step through death to meet the Lord it will be as a full-grown Christian - not still as a child, or a baby!!! (This is going to happen to millions! - how embarrassing, to say the very least...)

When's the time to start towards this? It's TODAY!!

Okay, and does living in the Spirit mean 'service', i.e., working for the Lord? Certainly can do. But service springs out of LOVE and COMMITMENT to Him. So getting committed and FILLED with the Spirit by the One Who gives us the only POWER we're ever gonna get in order to be able TO serve Him - this simply HAS to take priority in our lives. That will enable you to get to have JESUS as the focus of the whole of our being. Isn't that what you want? Alright then: the right KIND of service, service that works and is effective,will flow out of that!


If you're not being filled with the Spirit by following the things set forth in these messages, then you cannot pray in the Spirit. And if you're not praying in the Spirit, then don't be one bit surprised if your prayers don't seem to work very well! If Spirit filling is IMPORTANT to you, and something you ask Him for and keep asking, then you will get to AUTOMATICALLY pray in the Spirit, as you look to Him in your daily walk! Can you handle that!!! There are those who want you to think this is some sort of mystical once only ('rah-rah') experience. The Scriptures are perfectly clear that it's NOT! It's supposed to be normal Christian living!! (as it is for me). That this is certainly NOT the case, ought to give pause for VERY serious thought by us all!

Finally, I mentioned in a post that this verse:

And do not be drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but ever be filled and stimulated with the (Holy) Spirit,

is stressing that the Greek text clearly says for us to always BE BEING FILLED with the Holy Spirit!!! That's His command. Not just ONCE, but on-going. Today, tomorrow, and on from there. We desperately NEED His power, or our Christian lives will - can - NEVER work!

My prayer for every person here is for you to start to live according to the Scriptures - in such a way that you can expect to be being constantly FILLED with the Holy Spirit of God -in order that you may WALK, LIVE and PRAY in the Spirit! Cos this is VERY important!!!

Concluded in Part 6...

With piles of love in Jesus our Lord!

- BM and his Mrs

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