How to Walk, Live & Pray in the Spirit - Part 6

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I wanted to say one thing more: You said "If Spirit filling is IMPORTANT to you, and something you ask Him for and keep asking, then you will get to AUTOMATICALLY pray in the Spirit, as you look to Him in your daily walk!"

Just to clarify that statement for me, please. We've pm'd about this before. You said it sounds like I am filled with the Holy Spirit. And that night that I prayed outloud with my two friends, I had no fear and felt like it was led by the H.S. Sooooo. . . did you mean in this post that "praying in the Spirit" is speaking another language, or just praying as the Spirit leds? Because, I don't speak in tongues. Do I still need to pray to do that?

Thankyou for your great questions, Bonnie! So we're all absolutely clear what the New Testament says about what you've asked:

.:: Praying in the Spirit does NOT require the gift of tongues.
.:: Praying in the Spirit is NOT the same thing as the gift of tongues.

Prayer in the Spirit concerns those who've surrendered their whole life to the Lord Jesus Christ and committed to being His forever. A person who's done this can and will be FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT - but not BEFORE making this life-changing commitment to Jesus! This person will then aim to continue to be filled with the Spirit by OBEYING His commands - including the one that says we are to always BE BEING filled! Because without that filling we simply CANNOT live the life!!!

All of this is very much concerned with our ATTITUDE of heart and mind, and our attitude to life and daily living. It's NOT at all easy for we Westerners to get totally given over to the Lord Jesus - or most of us already would be!! Agree? At the very least we want to retain some control of our own lives, NOT give it all up to Him! I mean, let's not get TOO drastic about all of this!!... well, that's our general societal attitude anyway.

To illustrate what I mean please permit me to explain from the New Testament why I call myself Bondman, because this may help clarify some important matters. 'Bondman' is a translation of the Greek word that the great Paul often used about Himself: doulos. Because we all hate slavery, this word is mostly translated into English in a way that QUITE SERIOUSLY FAILS to express what it really means. If you were a doulos at best you were a SERVANT with few freedoms; at worst you were what can only be described as a bond-slave.

Over and over Paul was not calling himself a servant to Jesus at all - but a BOND-SLAVE to Jesus! So what does this mean?

• A bond-slave, or bondman, was bought as a chattel by his master.
• He had no status whatsoever as a person.
• He existed solely and totally to simply do and be whatever his master required.
• He had NO RIGHTS of any kind. If the master chose to beat him every day, he could say not a word, nor do a thing about this.
• And he was a bond-slave for LIFE. No excape, no freedom possible. A hole was made in his ear to show his status.

I've described HERE how I took Jesus as Lord of my life in 1969. In 1999, because I was so acutely aware of His abounding love to me, I chose of my own free-will to move up to bond-slave/bondman. Since then, as Jesus' very, very, very willing bondman, I've given up all of my rights, and given them all over to Jesus. I have no rights of my own left. He rules. He is pre-eminent. I am as nothing. He is everything. I live to serve Him as bond-slave. Whatever He wants I do my very best to do, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thus I have become obedient to all things in the New Testament that I've seen to do there - again with the Holy Spirit's help (could NOT do this with my own abilities!) If I read a new command, I take that on immediately. Because I am His man - NOT my own man.

Now before you start thinking (if you haven't already!) that this makes me into some sort of 'yes man', or even zombie, let me tell you that NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. In giving up the whole of myself to Jesus, I have gained SO MUCH, and continue to GAIN MORE, such that I would literally not swap my life if you offered me $1 billion to do so, or offered me power and position and luxury living for the rest of my days. NO, NO, NO!!! I love my life as it is!!! I will NEVER give it up, ever!!!!

Because -- when you have constant deep-down LOVE, deep-down JOY, and deep-down PEACE that absolutely NOTHING that happens can ever shake, why would you want to give that up? When you have the God of the Universe, of Heaven and Everything as your constant and ever-present Friend and Supporter and Helper,why would you want to give that up? So in LOSING MYSELF I gained EVERYTHING!!! Jesus really IS my LIFE. He's utterly FIRST! All else fits in and comes below that. And MY needs, wants, whatever, come last of all. Do I then consider that I lack anything? Not at all! He takes complete care of me and all of my life, ALWAYS. And in case it crossed your mind, yes, to me He is the most WONDERFUL MASTER you could ever possibly imagine.

Remember how Jesus said in

35 For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.

Now Jesus is no dummy, right! So when He says another of those apparent Scripture contradictions I've told you about, He means it!! Try to save your life (for yourself) and you WILL lose it. GIVE UP/LOSE YOUR LIFE TO HIM - AND YOU SAVE IT! My life is living proof of that statement! What I lost I count as dung just like Paul said (check out Phil 3:8) - because what I've given up is as nothing compared to ALL THAT I'VE GAINED!!!

So to finish where we started, to pray in the Spirit will be in our own simple words, in our mind, aloud, whatever, and this is perfectly sufficient. Or it may be in tongues - but which will help no other person unless it's interpreted. But that's for another time.

- BM, with his Lady-love

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