The Inner Room

The Inner Room is the place for you to start as you learn how to become a "TRUE Christian." Messages are perhaps a little simpler at first and "meatier" later. No matter how long you've been a Believer, you truly need to read all of them (take your time!)
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The Wonderful Path of Forgiveness - Part 1 1509
The Wonderful Path of Forgiveness - Part 2 1453
How to Be Ready to Be Judged by the Lord - Part 1 1469
More About Being Ready for Judgement - Part 2 1568
The Incredible Power of God In Us! 1512
Wouldn't We Want to Be Obedient? 1529
How to Read the Scriptures (And How Not!) - Part 1 1578
What God Himself Says About the Scriptures - Part 2 1528
What the Bible Does NOT Say (and Does!) - Part 3 1563
To Tithe or Not to Tithe, That is the Question? - Part 4 1814
Dealing Correctly with the Scriptures - Part 5 1596
I Was Struggling.... 1545
A Spiritual Checkup (are you game!) 1486
Handling Evil 1524
Being 'IN' - Then 'OUT'! 1452
Back to Basics 1645
The Question of Loving Ourselves 1478
Do You Want All of Jesus? 1455
Not Trying to Do Too Much at Once! 1547
'Lord, I Want to Do Only What You Want Me to Do!' 1490
A Relationship With Almighty God? COME ON NOW...! 1518
About Guilt and the Devil 1477
Want to Be Happy? (Who Doesn't!) 1450
That New Commandment - Part 1 1490
That New Commandment - Part 2 1505
Serving the Lord is Good! - Part 1 2270
Yep Serving the Lord is Good! - Part 2 1502
'Greek Thinking' Really Doesn't Help Our Christian Walk! 1555
Want to REALLY Be Free? (You Can!) 1441
What 'Job' Has God Given to You? 1471
Gospel for Asia