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ESSENTIALS: Become And Be a *TRUE * Christian

The True Christian Can be Absolutely ASSURED of Heaven!

by Bondman

Essentials: Foreword

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FOR quite some time I've wanted to write what the New Testament clearly sets forth as being what I call a True Christian or True Believer. It's finally completed! (and it may be the best writing and teaching I've ever done - my first serious teaching of the amazing truths of the Gospel started with 10 and 11 yr old converts 43 years ago.)

My MOTIVATION: I’ve long been greatly concerned about a very serious issue Jesus spoke of in Matthew 7:13-14. Yes, what He said was great news for the FEW who would make it to heaven, but utterly BAD news for the many who will not. It ultimately became too much for me that only a few are going to live with God forever! *shocking!!* - and that’s when ESSENTIALS came into being!

Choose to read it ALL (and ACT upon it, of course) and you can end up with TWO major plusses in your life! First of all, an absolute certainty that it’s possible you’ve never quite had: that you will never, never, NEVER be with the MANY (who go to hell), but ALWAYS with the blessed FEW (who go to be with our God for eternity!) Secondly, and most SERIOUSLY, it will fairly certainly help you to discover things that the Bible spells out - which I’m shocked to have to say that most folks have NEVER been taught!) - yet which are totally ESSENTIAL for you, in order to get to spend forever and ever with our wondrous God!! Reading Essentials WILL show you the basics of this (with a surprise or two!) Then please DO continue to read The Inner Room to find out how to always live as a True Christian! GO FOR IT!!

A practical SUGGESTION: some Essentials you may know something or even a lot about. But please do NOT skip, so as not to miss something you don't know! I can promise you that you WILL find things direct from the New Testament that you are NOT living out. Please take Essentials #2, 6, 7 and 8 very seriously.

So… below will tell you 8 ESSENTIAL New Testament truths - with Scriptures - which you can CHECK OUT for yourself! - to learn how to truly become and live as a True Christian! "

Therefore if any person is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

- BM (I am a bondman to Jesus (BM for short). He is my Master, and as His bondman (or bond-slave) I live solely to serve Him. I neither want nor need my name to be important! I want HIS Name to be!! So I remain just: "Bondman")


What I've written here to the very best of my ability is THE TRUTH as it is in the New Testament of God's Holy Book, the Bible!! It's the same wondrous truth as was believed, preached, and written by the GREAT Christians of their day for many hundreds of years from round about 1500, and which changed so many lives, and changed the whole world forever! - mostly in or from England after they finally got the Bible translated into ENGLISH to read!! On the other side of the coin it's those totally confused and very dangerous denominational sects who lead people away from the TRUTH. And it's the myriad Christian denominations that separate and confuse people by the different things they believe and teach. Does this sound good to you? It sure does NOT to me! 

I've had experience of 6 different denominations in my life-time. But because of ill-health, for about 17 years now I've belonged to NO denomination at all - a good thing, for it's meant God's wonderfully used this time to slowly TEACH me, very clearlywhat the New Testament REALLY says - in all the fullness of the wondrous TRUTH it's sets out! 

Any serious seeker OUGHT to be able to find the SAME truths!  - but in the West today most do NOT want the truth, exactly as written in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 quoted above... Since 2007 I've written and taught all the major truths of Christianity on Forum sites on the Internet. At time of writing over 200,000 Christians, literally from around the world, have visited to read them. And to date not ONE person has written to disagree with anything I've written (which is quite amazing, and truly wonderful!) 

Love, joy, peace to you and yours!

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