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ESSENTIALS: Become And Be a *TRUE * Christian

The True Christian Can be Absolutely ASSURED of Heaven!

by Bondman

Essentials 1 - Conviction

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NOTES BEFORE YOU START: First, below is as free of denominational or other bias as I can possibly make it, being taken directly from the New Testament Scriptures. Second, it assumes that you have a strong appreciation and understanding of God's perfect and total love for you in Christ And thirdly, it may sound strong and 'tough' - mainly because not covered here are the MANY wonderful things God does in the life of the really True Christian. (That's for another time!)  

So do you earnestly want to be? - a TRUE Christian, I mean. Won't happen unless you are deadly serious! Please recognise that FEW people really ARE True Christians, but rather are simply church-Christians or church-goers. So what exactly IS what I'm calling a "True Christian?" - as you follow the steps below you'll slowly get to understand, and can actually, really BE one when you've finished!! 

Read the TRUTH step by step below. Check my Scripture references for yourself - and also check in your spirit if it IS all sounding true to the New Testament Scriptures: so that you may personally discover what exactly IS a "True Christian." Bless you as you proceed!  


ACTS 2:37 Now when they heard this they were pricked, stung, cut to the heart, so much so that they started pleading with Peter and the rest of the apostles, asking with deepest concern, "Brethren, what shall we DO?" 

Essentials 1 CONVICTION. YOU NEED TO BE CONVICTED ABOUT, AND VERY AWARE OF, YOUR SIN AND DREADFUL SINFUL STATE!  (This is simply NOT stressed in the churches!)  Peter had just told them what they'd done, the way they'd treated Jesus, the Son of God - resulting in His death by crucifixion! They had grievously sinned against God - and they knew it!

Few church people understand this MIGHTY truth: that every wrong you commit, and every right you fail to do, you do directly AGAINST ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF. He HATES all sin. He hates YOUR sin (but doesn't hate you!) If you need to spend a minute, an hour, a day, or longer to truly "get" this, then please do it, starting right now!

Because if you don't feel deep, deep concern about what you've done against God for all of your life, then you are not CONVICTED about how WRONG all your sin is. That's VERY serious! In this case, pray earnestly and persist until this realisation becomes real for you. THEN you are ready to go on - but NOT until then, okay!


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