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Essentials 4 - Baptism

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ACTS 2:38b ... and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of and release from your sins.

Essentials 4BAPTISM. BE BAPTISED IN WATER IN THE NAME OF JESUS (please DON'T skip this just because you've already been baptised!) 

First. Some think this is just an option. It's not! Others say being sprinkled as an infant is sufficient. It's not (it's not even Scriptural!) Peter said to those he'd just preached to and who were seriously convicted of their sinfulness: "Be baptised!" In other parts of the New Testament, Paul, for example, explains the significance of what your water baptism as a Christian Believer means. (If you wish, you may read this HERE.)

Second, going down into the water signifies you joining with Jesus in His death - saying, "Die!" to self and to all of your sins against God, determining to give up ALL the things YOU WANT, to fail less and obey much more, actually pleasing Him in how you live!

Third, coming up out of the water signifies you rising up - like Jesus rose from death the third day - to a brand new life where Jesus is at its centre and YOU have been deposed from that central spot - forever! 

Fourthly, now your WHOLE life revolves around what HE wants, i.e., full obedience to ALL of God's commands in the New Testament - VERY important: NOT in the Old Testament, because that Covenant ended forever at Calvary! But you'll still have plenty to do in order to please and OBEY Him, for it may shock you to hear that there are well over 1000 commands of God for us to obey in the New Testament: our SOLE guide-book to living as True Christians! Do have a look at the amazing list HERE!!


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