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ESSENTIALS: Become And Be a *TRUE * Christian

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by Bondman

Essentials 5 - Spirit-Filling

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ACTS 2:38c ...and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


First.  Without the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we are useless, and as nothing. HE is the ONE - promised and sent by Jesus - Who is with you and in you always, giving you the POWER to live a life that is otherwise utterly impossible, i.e., to actually live the Christian life as a True Christian Believer, every day for the rest of your days on this earth!!

Second. IF  you have seriously followed all of what you've read above (whether completed now or later), then at that very time you ARE filled (or baptised) with the Holy Spirit! No ifs, no buts, you ARE!!

Third. Here's a crucial one for you: EPHESIANS 5:18b but continue to be being FILLED with the Holy Spirit. Note how this is not a once-for-all thing, but an every day of your life one! It is not an, "Oh, well, if I think of it," command, but an every-day, always command. Pray it daily until it's true for you: "Lord, always be filling me with Your Spirit!" Then live it out!

Fourth. As part of being filled with the Spirit you may well receive the Gift of Tongues, i.e., of literally speaking in a language you don't understand. This may happen after you believe in Jesus, at your baptism, or absolutely at ANY time afterwards! (Paul speaks about tongues in 1 Corinthians 14.) Please NOTE: if you have not received this gift it does NOT mean you won't, NOR that you aren't already filled with the Spirit. However, Tongues IS the N.T. SIGN of being filled! I received this gift many years ago quite out of the blue, not even really knowing what it was - but this happened BECAUSE I was already filled with the Holy Spirit of the living God!


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